Meet The Team That’s Passionate About Empowering Your Leaders.

Meet The Team That’s Passionate About Empowering Your Leaders.

Welcome To TLS Leaders.

We believe that people have a profound capacity for growth. And that custom support ignites a person’s full potential, can transform their life – and their organization.

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in leadership and organizational development. We have partnered with organizations across sectors and around the world for two decades. Companies choose us for our custom solutions that fall into three categories to transform their leaders, teams and organization.

Executive Coaching

Excel in a new role, solve tough business problems, expand your leadership capabilities with the personalized guidance of a seasoned coach.

Leadership Development

Multi-faceted programs that combine one-on-one coaching, interactive learning sessions and hands-on innovation projects to drive sustainable business growth.

Team Development

Strategy sessions that help executive teams align on key decisions. Team programs that accelerate performance, communication and collaboration.

Our People

We are certified executive coaches, university faculty, published authors, management psychologists, and business leaders united by the belief that excellent leaders make the world a better place for everyone.

Since 2015, we have been dedicated to creating workplaces where leaders are empowered to do the best work of their lives.

loren margolis

Loren Margolis, MSW, CPC

Founder & Managing Director

loren margolis

Loren Margolis, MSW, CPC

Founder & Managing Director

Kathy Bernhard


Nancy Jacoby


Winston Lau


Our values guide every touch point with our clients, our team, and the global business community.


We infuse every action with honesty, fairness and the courage to do what’s right. We take pride in identifying issues and solutions where others do not.

We don’t say yes to every project. We say yes when we know that we will deliver exceptional results. We show respect to our clients, colleagues and partners.


Strong relationships are in our DNA. They are based on mutual trust, a service mindset and partnership. Our clients see us as an extension of their internal teams because we deeply care about the health and growth of their people, culture and business.


Our clients trust us to deliver exceptional solutions that improve their businesses, careers and lives – and we take that seriously. The quality of our services reflect the depth of our expertise and the pride that we take in achieving impactful results.

Psychological Safety

We are a diverse team with an ambition to help people flourish. For people to transform, they must make themselves vulnerable. We honor this vulnerability by using empathy with our clients and each other.

We foster belonging by accepting people for who they are. We create a learning environment where people are supported to be themselves, speak their truth, share their mistakes and learn from them.


We are life-long learners, always seeking new and better ways to grow so we can effectively help others to grow themselves. We cultivate curiosity in ourselves and in the people around us. We lead and embrace change. We are agile, flexibly pivot and realign to best serve our clients and the global community.


We are grateful for the gift of being chosen to help others grow. We love what we do. We delight in creating deep human connection and empowering people and organizations to thrive.

Global Reach With A Personalized Approach

We’re privileged to partner with leaders and companies around the globe to co-create the future of work.

Singapore, RS • London, UK • Vancouver, Canada • Toronto, Canada • Amsterdam, NL • Munich, Germany • Zurich, Switzerland • Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazil • Buenos Aires, Argentina • Lima, Peru • Bangalore, India • Tel Aviv, Israel • Hong Kong • San Francisco, LA, and San Diego, CA • Dallas, TX • Kansas City, MO • Baltimore, MD • Greenwich, CT • Philadelphia, PA • New York, NY • Boston, MA • Atlanta, GA • Miami, FL • Anchorage, AK • Boulder, CO

How We Work

We’ve earned our reputation as a trusted organizational development partner. TLS Leaders curates every engagement to deliver on your specific business needs by pairing your leaders with the right executive coaches and leadership development experts.

We don’t say yes to every project. We say yes when…

  • We have access to the people and resources needed to help your leaders achieve meaningful growth.
  • There is change readiness. The leaders or teams with whom we work are open to new ways of thinking and behaving. They’re ready to do the hard work necessary to achieve lasting growth.
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Contact Us To Create A Thriving Workplace.

Our leadership experts are here to help. Let’s talk about your organization’s priorities and leadership goals. See how TLS Leaders helps your people identify their strengths, achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The results?

High-performing leaders and engaged teams that make your company thrive.

Scalable executive coaching, team and leadership development programs for global transformation.

Measurable data and outcomes on your leaders’ performance.

Proven expertise that links results to your business outcomes.

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