Executive Coaching

Training & Leadership Success has a proven track record of helping executives hone skills and strategies to increase their impact and deepen the value they bring to the organization through coaching.

Our customized coaching programs have a significant impact on leadership performance, succession management, executive onboarding, and business results.

Why Choose Us for Your Coaching Needs?

We Understand the Challenges Facing Leaders Today

All our coaches come from industry and have held leadership positions. This knowledge, coupled with decades of coaching experience and professional training gives our coaches a unique perspective and effectiveness. We truly understand the challenges your leaders face.

Our Focus on Results

We use reliable, objective assessment methodologies to illuminate what shifts will have the greatest impact. We employ tools to measure tangible progress throughout each engagement and the coaching’s impact on the leader’s performance and your business.

We Create Sustainable Value for Your Organization

Every coaching program is tailored to the unique needs of the leader and aligned with business goals. We include input from key stakeholders and always include organizational context, culture and performance goals.

Our Proprietary Approach Includes Four Proven Phases


At the start of each engagement the coach meets with the organizational sponsor, the executive and their manager to determine priorities for the engagement and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

We also get a “lay of the land” and gain an understanding of your organization’s priorities, challenges and how the executive’s growth fits into them.


We interview the executive, their manager, and stakeholders to assess perceived strengths and development opportunities. Psychometric assessments are used to reveal personality, behavioral preferences and values that contribute to self-awareness. The coach can also “shadow” the executive at work to gain valuable insight on strengths and gaps. The coach then shares with the leader their custom assessment results. Then, along with the sponsor and their manager, sets engagement goals, identifies measures of success and builds a customized coaching plan to achieve results.


Leaders must experiment and step outside of their comfort zone to grow. The executive and the coach meet regularly over the course of the project to help the leader practice new tools and approaches. Video-coaching, real-time feedback and other methods are used to fine-tune his or her behavior and approaches until desired results are achieved.


A midpoint and endpoint meeting is led by the coach with the executive, their manager and Human Resources sponsor to discuss progress against goals. The executive’s growth is validated through a development tracking survey at the end of coaching and a plan is created to sustain their ongoing development and success.

Our Signature Coaching Programs

One-On-One Executive Coaching

The executive experiences an in-depth diagnostic interview, a customized 360° assessment and psychometric tools are used to gain valuable insight and deepen self-awareness. The coach also “shadows” the executive as they go about conducting meetings, delivering presentations and interacting with internal and external stakeholders at work.

Afterward, the coach unpacks the custom assessment results with the executive and a tailor-made individual leadership development plan that leverages their strengths and addresses their development needs is created. In-depth coaching sessions help the executive leverage their strengths and create meaningful change to deepen their leadership and business performance. The executive is encouraged to use their stakeholders throughout the process to gain powerful insights about their leadership strengths and gaps. The coach also uses both mid- and end-point surveys to obtain feedback from stakeholders to determine if the leader is improving in those areas identified as critical to the business and their individual leadership development plan.

Investment Options: 6- and 9-month coaching programs are available.

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Targeted Performance Coaching

Sometimes an executive will have a specific need or skill that they want to target. The common needs TLS supports are to deepen: public speaking skills, executive presence, feedback skills and influence. After an alignment call with the executive and Human Resources sponsor, the coach creates a proposal detailing the number of sessions that will be required to develop the executive’s specific performance needs.

Investment Options: Typically, 4 to 6 sessions are scheduled.

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Team Coaching

TLS’s team coaching enables leadership teams to develop beyond their current, collective capabilities and hone their communication, deepen their performance and resolve conflict. Although a group, it becomes a synergistic experience for individual leadership development as well. Group coaching creates intimate collaboration and creative thinking to address complex issues. TLS utilizes individual and team assessments to identify common group behaviors, demonstrate gaps in communication and perception and provide opportunities to work together to increase effectiveness.

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High-Potential Leaders

This accelerated program is geared toward organizations that want to engage their high-potential or emerging leaders in coaching but do not want to commit to a longer engagement. It is also used in conjunction with our Leadership Academies, as an integrated coaching component. Like our One-On-One Executive Coaching Program, it leverages our proprietary coaching process: Alignment, Assessment, Action and Achievement, an individualized leadership development plan and in-depth coaching sessions and mid- and end of engagement measurements. It is faster and still highly effective.

Investment Options: 3- or 6-month programs are available.

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Executive Onboarding

Training & Leadership Success reviews information on strengths and development needs gathered during the selection process. We then conduct an online or face-to-face 360° survey/interviews with key stakeholders and utilize psychometric assessments to gain insight and self-awareness. The goals of the onboarding coaching sessions are to: develop strategies for effective cultural assimilation, practice new behaviors, achieve small wins and work on action plans for successful integration into the executive’s new role.

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