Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Effective Team Leadership

Emotional intelligence is the “something” in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make decisions that achieve positive results. At the core of any outstanding leader are the abilities to harness self-awareness, connect with others, achieve success and influence people. Your emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills and it impacts almost everything you say and do each day. It is also the strongest predictor of performance. Through this eye-opening seminar, you will learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader.

  • Identify the essential role of EQ and the four components that contribute to effective, influential leadership
  • Determine your personal EQ strengths and development opportunities and learn how to expand your “comfort zone”.
  • Recognize and consciously use emotional data to create and maintain productive workplace relationships and team environments
  • Integrate empathy into your workplace conversations to promote strong relationships
  • Learn how to conduct collaborative, inclusive and creative communication practices to motivate your team
  • Walk away with tangible, next steps to using EQ in your role the very next day.

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Loren led four amazing communication workshops, spread over two different dates for our University this Spring Semester which were so well received and incredibly helpful for our students. She engages so well with people and has a teaching style that is fun and very impactful. These workshops were unusual for a Career Office to sponsor, but I am so glad we went in this direction with Loren-she gave over 100 students just the tools they needed to be a successful team member, network effectively, and market themselves. Thank you Loren, we look forward to having you back!

Kathleen Lindenmayer

Director, Career Success Center at Western Connecticut State University


I was a participant, along with 27 other managers, in a leadership development program where Loren led 12 seminars. We benefitted a great deal from her knowledge about leadership and management skills. She is full of energy, has a highly engaging teaching style, invites everyone’s opinion and helps all parts of the room participate. Loren has a gift for using storytelling, role-playing, “fishbowls” and many other interesting and meaningful activities that helped us process and practice innovative ways of leading our teams.

I’ve attended many training classes over the years, and without a doubt Loren provides an ideal atmosphere for learning. I consider myself very fortunate to have had her as a trainer. It’s not just the skills I’ve learned from her but the confidence she instilled in me that have made me a much better leader.

Hanna Gungor

Administrative Director, Emergency Medicine & Special Projects, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Queens


Loren is an incredibly gifted executive coach. She challenged me in ways that truly helped to me to grow as a leader and helped to guide me through my transition into a new executive role. I appreciate the structure and guided conversations we shared through my first 90 days (and beyond) and believe our work together gave me the confidence to transition to a new organization and new leadership role.

Loren is a trusted confidante and I look to her for continued development. She is insightful and thoughtful in the areas of personal growth, leadership development and feedback. I always looked forward to our coaching sessions as I knew they would be filled with opportunities for me to reflect on my recent accomplishments and include strategies for me to tackle upcoming challenges. Our coaching conversations were thought-provoking and dynamic. I believe I am a better leader, colleague, and mentor because of our work together.

Tracey Lewis Taylor

COO, Stanford Hospital-Valley Care


Loren is a wonderful facilitator. She led a 4-part team development program for our senior leadership team, focused on deepening trust, communication and collaboration. Even though our journey as a team has just begun, she has aimed us in the right direction and given us tools to succeed. Thank you!

Dr. Manish Sharma

Chairman of Emergency Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens


Loren is able to anticipate organizational training needs and has strong curriculum design and facilitation skills. Loren designed and developed many of the leadership and professional development programs for our corporate university and facilitated these sessions virtually organization-wide. She engages her participants with her delivery, energy and excitement and I always looked forward to attending her sessions. If you need of a dynamic facilitator with great depth and knowledge of leadership development and executive coaching skills look no further.

Karen Dallesandro

Human Resources Business Partner, Grassi & Co.

Michael Prystowsky

It has been a pleasure working with Loren Margolis at Training & Leadership Success to coach two of our physician leaders. The first leader was a faculty member directing a core research facility who had little management experience or knowledge of how to deal with difficult customers. Loren developed an excellent program for giving this leader essential skills as a boss and interpersonal skills to navigate challenging situations. These learned abilities were put to good use during the coaching as the leader was guided through real work situations, creating a memory bank of problem-solving tactics.

The second coaching engagement involved bringing out the real, caring personality of a senior leader whose “old-world” communication style offended direct reports. Loren customized coaching program revealed the caring person inside and enabled this leader to engender loyalty and increased productivity from their team. Loren created a complete turn-around in this leader that only a few of us thought was possible.

Michael Prystowsky

M.D, Ph.D. - Professor and Chairman of Pathology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center

Timothy Kupferschmid Chief of Laboratories NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

I had the gift of having an executive coach work with me for six months. I chose Loren Margolis based on her acumen, experience, and our ability to work together honestly and effectively. Loren challenged me – a lot. She has an uncanny ability to ask pointed questions which has the effect of causing me to truly probe deeply for a thoughtful reply. Loren has a clear coaching process to work through key areas and behaviors for my development. Even today, over a year after our engagement, I routinely go back to our discussions and reflect on what I have learned and how I have handled situations differently because of Loren’s coaching. I highly recommend Loren Margolis for an insightful and lasting executive coaching experience.

Timothy Kupferschmid

Timothy Kupferschmid, Chief of Laboratories, New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner