Step Up to Leadership: The New Manager’s Toolkit

This extensive curriculum is ideal for both first-time managers and experienced managers looking for new tools. Using real, on-the-job scenarios, you will determine your own leadership style and learn how to use it to build trust, deepen teamwork and drive performance.  Interactive, team-based activities teach you the steps to effective delegation, how to coach your team, manage performance and conduct effective feedback conversations. At the end of this comprehensive program, you will walk away with a host of tools to use on the job and be well-prepared for success.

We utilize best practices, including: blended and social learning, formalized accountability partners, action planning, peer coaching and other tools to ensure the learning sticks. The program can be tailored to your needs through full-day or half-day, in-person, or blended learning modules.

The following development tools can be integrated into this program to provide a transformational learning experience:

  • Action learning Projects: Participants work in small teams, with the guidance of a trained action learning coach. They define and develop a project that brings business-based, tangible ideas for innovation back to the organization for consideration
  • Individual or Group Coaching: Top coaches provide one-on-one leadership coaching during the course of the program to help the participants apply the module learning to their specific circumstances.
  • Mentoring Program: Participants are matched with a senior leader in the organization to further develop their leadership skills and presence.
  • Manager Updates: A series of short briefings with the managers of participants to update them on what their direct reports are learning and how to support them in their growth.

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