Power Up Your Leadership Presence

Presence is the corporate "it" factor and is directly linked to your ability to get noticed, forge trusting, productive relationships and get people on board with your agenda. We break down this amorphous concept into concrete skills and behaviors that will enable you to strengthen your presence in a way that's authentic, natural, and influential. This seminar is useful whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, aspiring or seasoned leader.

  • Craft an individualized leadership brand by determining the type of presence you want and the values you want to convey to give your career and leadership development purpose and direction.
  • Learn how to use more powerful word choice and tweak your body language to create the kind of impact you want to have in meetings and presentations.
  • Discover how to adapt your communication to deepen relationships, enhance collaboration and improve productivity by learning how to flex your communication style
  • Discover the verbal tools and distractors the impeded your image and learn how to shift perceptions to increase your influence.

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