Reality-Based Leadership Tools for Today’s World

Training & Leadership Success Facilitators are Certified in this ground breaking program created by Cy Wakeman, which helps leaders drive accountability, ownership and engagement in their workplace.

Recent polls show that 70% of workers think about quitting their jobs every day. That number would be shocking—if people were actually quitting. But, the reality is even worse, they go to work, punching time clocks and collecting pay checks, while completely checked out emotionally.

Through dynamic examples, innovative tools, and diagnostic tests we will reveal how to be the kind of leader who changes the way people think about and perceive their circumstances.

  • Discover the four competencies of accountability and tactics for hardwiring facts, not fiction into your team
  • Learn an eye-opening formula for calculating your own personal accountability and teach it to your team
  • Practice how to give helpful, and clear feedback to employees that help them focus their efforts on their own contribution – not office drama

Create your own customized plan for enhancing your personal accountability and practical techniques for coaching and developing accountability in others.

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